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I Said It: Brian Flores, Players On Dolphins-Ravens

Here were some of the postgame comments that stood out after the Dolphins' 59-10 loss against the Baltimore Ravens in the regular season opener, along with some perspective:

"Fitz will be the starter next week. Let's be clear on that."

Josh Rosen replaced Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback late in the third quarter, and Head Coach Brian Flores explained that he wanted to get Rosen some game action based on the score at the time. Before that, Flores said he thought Fitzpatrick did some good things, though he would have liked for Fitzpatrick not to force the ball on his one interception.

"I think the only thing we can do moving forward is continue to try to string good practices together and continue to keep a positive attitude, and in doing that, hope that the results follow."

— Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick echoed what his teammates said after the game against the Ravens, that the Dolphins need to move forward and focus on getting better.

"It's a marathon, not a sprint. This team is not going to hang their head on one game. It's a long season."

— Defensive tackle Davon Godchaux emphasized the point that the Dolphins still have plenty of time to correct the mistakes they made during the game against Baltimore and will to continually improve every week.

"I think I was prepared for this. It's just a bummer, but I'm looking forward to keep plugging away."

Jesse Davis made first career start at left tackle in the season opener against Baltimore after playing every Dolphins offensive snap of 2018 at right guard. Davis said he would have to take a look at the game film to assess his performance.

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