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Myles Gaskin | Getting Caught in the Rain

"When I first came down here, it was the first weekend we had off. We went to the movies and I had walked to the theater. It was sunny when we went in, but when it was over it was pouring down rain. So I thought I could run back, but I got soaked, and my phone was ruined."

Like his emergence as the Dolphins primary running back, Myles Gaskin's education on South Florida storms didn't take long.

"That was the first and last time I tried to tough out the rain," Gaskin said.

The Lynnwood, Washington native and lifelong Seattleite quickly learned that perception isn't always reality. The Pacific Northwest is often associated for its rainfall, but the area's biggest metropolis – Seattle – doesn't even register in the top 15 American cities with regards to average rainfall.

Gaskin's new home, Miami, is second on that list behind only New Orleans.

The cross-country jump has provided more culture shocks than just weather patterns. The wildlife of South Florida has caught the intrigue of Gaskin, even if the intrigue of the wildlife itself is geared towards his dog.

"I've seen three or four gators," gaskin said. "I have a dog, so I walk her around the canals. You can kind of see them pop their head up and look at my dog and I'm just like, 'not today, gator. Not today.'"

Before Gaskin was leading an NFL team in rushing yardage, he was piling up video game numbers in college, particularly against his alma mater's in-state rival. Come to find out, that rivalry's spirit might be a little more one sided than expected.

Winners of seven straight Apple Cups, the University of Washington had a stellar four-year run over the Washington State Cougars during Gaskin's time on campus. The Huskies won the four games by a combined score of 159-56. Gaskin racked up 550 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns in the four games.

On the latest edition of the Drive Time Podcast, Gaskin made his thoughts known about the rivalry and the magnitude of the game. He was asked if that was the game on the year they looked forward to the most.

"Nah," Gaskin said with a substantial belly laugh. "I liked playing against Utah. But with WSU, those were some good games, I guess. I loved the game for the atmosphere. You pretty much knew everyone in the crowd whether it was family, from high school or whatever. It was always a fun atmosphere."

Winning Apple Cups has become a Seattle institution, among many other things the region has to offer. The home of Starbucks, Amazon, Boeing and Costco, it's a lesser-known Seattle mainstay that Gaskin is sure to hit up when he flies back home.

"I miss home sometimes and that's one thing I always try to do when I go back is get a burger from Dick's," Gaskin said.

It's not just the greasy, drive-in fast food that Gaskin longs for.

"I miss knowing where everything is, where to go when there's bad traffic," Gaskin said. "Out here I just kind of sit in it and follow my phone. But outside of that, I love it out here.

"There's lizards everywhere, alligators, stuff like that. There's different types of food. It's just two different places, I love it though. I love the change. I spent my whole life in Washington so it was a big jump. Last year was eye-opening, but coming back down the second time getting ready for the season, I was more than excited."

Now, in his second year in South Florida, Gaskin has quickly acclimated.

"I don't mind the rain," Gaskin said. "I do miss the Seattle rain. Out here when it rains, it's kind of scary. When it's pouring and you have to have the windshield wipers on max. You get wet-wet if you get caught in the rain. In Seattle, when it rains, I can put on a hoodie and get done what I need to get done but down here when it rains, I just stay inside."

Gaskin isn't entirely opposed to the rain. Miami's last game was played in continuous showers and the Dolphins running back gained 82 yards from scrimmage, a career-high, against Buffalo.

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