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The Blitz: Thursday's Trending Headlines & Highlights


It's **fast times for the Dolphins** at Hard Rock Stadium.

**Ryan Tannehill** and Adam Gase are **9-1 in their last 10 games** together—making them the **hottest duo in the league**. 🔥


Tannehill is a **mobile quarterback**.

Tannehill and Gase work well together and the **proof is in their record together**.

Defensive tackle **Akeem Spence was mic’d up** during the Dolphins win against the Jets. 🎤

If **Albert Wilson** eats, everybody eats. The Dolphins are **unleashing their “do everything” weapon**.


**Jack Nicklaus’ grandson** joined the Dolphins' practice squad.


More on the **brief history of Gruden and Tannehill** from the Palm Beach Post's Jason Lieser.

Banjos! Melodies! The "Dolphins Fight Song" is the **No. 1 NFL fight song according to Billboard**.

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