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The Blitz: Thursday, November 4, 2021

Mike Oliva of recaps the Thursday Morning Headlines, community news, and more for your Miami Dolphins.

Morning Headlines

Miami's defense is seventh in the league in first-down success rate as just 45.5 percent of opposing first-down snaps have gained 4+ yards.

Dolphins linebacker Jerome Baker spoke about what he sees from Houston's offense on tape preparing for this Sunday's match-up. Baker said, "It's just easy to tell they play fast. They've got high motors. They're definitely just a fast group. I don't even know what their record is or whatever, but they're going to come in here and they are going to try to win a ball game, and we're going to do the same thing."

Austin Jackson spoke about the move from left tackle to left guard and if he feels that is his best position. Jackson said, "Yeah, I'm happy to be playing left guard. I like to be on the field with my teammates and help them out. I'm glad I can get better at it. Just learning a new position, you never really know how it's going to go, especially never playing it before. I'm just glad I've got my foot in, my confidence, I'm doing well and I just look to keep getting better."

Defensive tackle Christian Wilkins spoke about preparing for Houston QBs Davis Mills and QB Tyrod Taylor. Wilkins said, "Both quarterbacks are good players and can get it done. Obviously, Tyrod has played a long time in this league and he has a good, productive resume. He's dual threat, can do a lot of things with his feet, passing the ball and just a real smart guy. Like I said, he's played a long time in this league. Mills, he's a rookie obviously but he shows some good potential and everything like that. He does some good things as well. We've just got to prepare for both guys and be ready for whatever and just follow the gameplan to the best of our abilities."

This year the Dolphins are ranked 15th in the NFL in opponent punt return yardage, allowing just 7.9 yards per return.

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Quote of the Day

Mack Hollins discusses practicing with help from his neighbors:

Wide Receiver Mack Hollins: "Sometimes I'll bring the JUGS out in the street and I'm shooting like 50-yard balls down the street. They kind of know that's just what Mack (Hollins) does. Their kids will come and play with us so now I'm the cool kid on the block. They're okay with it because I'll throw with their kids or do two-on-two, Mack is the permanent quarterback and I get to show my skills....I got a bunch of pool noodles and I'll let [the neighborhood kids] just hit me as hard as they can while I'm on the JUGS. They think they're having fun but really, I'm getting the better of it."

Miami Dolphins in the Community

During Native American Heritage Month, join the Miami Dolphins in celebrating the diversity of our community.


Who did the Miami Dolphins defeat in Super Bowl VIII?

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On This Day

The Dolphins went to 7-1 on the season with a 23-3 victory over the Phoenix Cardinals. Dan Marino was an efficient 18 for 25 for 205 yards and two touchdowns. WR Mark Clayton and FB Tony Paige caught the two touchdowns for the Dolphins. On defense, Dolphins' safety Louis Oliver had an interception and ran it back 21 yards in this game.

Answer to Trivia Question:The Minnesota Vikings

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